Persian Pampering

Cats have always been thought to be "self grooming" and most do it very well
but the Persian also needs a helping hand

Regular care, bathing and grooming can help reduce loose hair 
and matting caused by a build up of grease.

Cats have a very greasy coat, oils accumulate in the coat and if left without bathing or grooming
 will cause matting and a very unhappy cat!

Our Persian cats are used to bathing and will tolerate the experience very well,
 I have always offered a bathing and grooming service to our kitten owners
but have recently offered the service to other Persian owners in the area
as most grooming salons only specialise in dog grooming.

Bathing, grooming, nail clipping, ear cleaning from only 10,
adult cats with full coat 20-25
All this is carried out in a warm safe clean environment,
your cats comfort, welfare and safety is most important,
we aim to make it a pleasant experience for all,
please contact me for a chat and to discuss your cat's requirements
Tel: 01388 661959