Saturday 15th May

Today and Tomorrow was to concentrate on putting the logistics in place?

I drove early afternoon up to Bishop Auckland to collect Colin he was all packed, and his kit and bike dropped straight into the back of my Mondeo.

5 20pm fond farewells to Karen and then en route to meet Graeme at Southwaite services.

6.50pm we pulled onto the car park and Graeme was just stepping out of his car, couple of minutes leg pulling last minute checks did we have everything, then Northward on a quiet Saturday night to Stirling, and the Travelodge where we had planned to stop the Saturday night. Pretty uneventful drive north although the weather and the scenery was good. Three drivers between two cars meant we could swap about a bit, but it all added to the fun We got there around 8.45pm, booked straight in with no problem, apart from an arrogant overweight gentleman who had turned up at the wrong Travelodge and naturally it was the receptionists fault.

Kit deposited in the room and then out for a pint arghhh. I knew a pub less than a mile away but I turned too early onto the M9 and after a 23 mile detour and another missed turn we eventually pulled in for a pint.

1100pm we all turned in, beer was good mind.

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