Southport Day Two

We set of for Formby, its a nice day and the route goes through the woods beside the railway line.
Just as we enter the woods we see a lot of cars parked and a van, they are a film crew and in the woods and we can see the lights of the cameras.


The Film Crew

The lights visible in the woods 

Karen turns back to see if she can spot anyone famous
We didnt spot anyone

We arrive at Formby, Nice main Street


As we dont spot anyone famous we cycle on along the gently undulating track beside the trees, it goes through a golf course so we have to watch as we cross for anyone about to drive off the tee. As we approach the town a family of a dad and two children join up with us. The little lad goes past us and says I am going to race you.
Naturally I have to give chase but am careful not to get to close or go past then as I see a road approaching I say "OK you win you are faster than me we better stop now" 
The little lad was very good and stopped. Then a car came along the track which ran beside some houses. I told the little lad to pull his bike behind mine for safety,
 again he did as he was asked, Good boy. 

We waited until Karen and the boys father and sister caught up. Karen asked him how old he was, "six" he replied, "how old are you"?
I laughed and told him, I dont think he believed someone of our age would be cycling. 

I complimented the dad on his well behaved children then cycled off along the road into the town.
We found a Wetherspoons and as it was probably the best one we have ever visited, 
Its Lunch time so we decide to have a meal and a drink as neither of us is driving I can have a proper cider.

There is a nice large beer garden round the back so we push our bikes round and take a table in the sunshine.


Colin with a cider waiting for his Pizza


Suitably replenished we cycle back across the golf course, only this time instead of keeping to the track beside the trees we decide to explore a little deeper into the woods along a track that looks well used.


The track into the woods


Karen is not usually keen to explore rough tracks but is feeling adventures today and enjoys the track through the trees.


Karen heads into the woods to explore the track


We cycle further into the woods and are rewarded with a lovely large lake with ducks swimming on the water and the track goes right around. 


Our exploring is rewarded when we find a lake with ducks swimming


After our little detour around the lake we head back to the track and back to the site with just the small climb at the end over the railway line. 
We must be used to it now as Karen flies up the incline and we are soon back the the site after another great day on the bikes.


Heading back out to the track.


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