Captin Cook Tour

Day 3
To Sandsend



The day started off Sunny and dry but a little windy, we watched the weather forecast and it was a  good forecast for the rest of the day. 
We start the day with the usual photo call, 

Sunny start


Then leaving the girls to pack the cars and telling them the meeting point we set off down through the site and onto the old road along to Scarborough. 
Again we are following NCN route 1 
as we come up to the outskirts of Scarborough I shout out "we are following number 1"
As Lee is at the front he takes it as a compliment and says "yes of course you all are". 

The route turns right and takes us onto the cliff tops along south cliff. 
It really is a lovely spot and we can see the top of north bay and the castle in the distance.

View from South Cliff


The route then goes over Valley Bridge then we pick up the cycle route opposite the station that is to take us across Scarborough on cycle paths.

Its a good choice and the route is well signed taking us on a winding trail of paths and tracks towards the North side of the town.

We are not far into the route which is popular with dog walkers when a loose dog runs in front of Stephen causing him to do an emergency stop and almost fall off. The owner of the dog blamed Stephen for their dog running loose !

A little further along we come across a BMX track, Lee has to have a ride round.

Lee getting up speed to catch some air

Lee taking the banked up curves

The route finally leads us onto the Cinder path. This is the name of the old railway line that will take us all the way to Whitby off road all the way.

Start of the Cinder track


It may be a disused railway line but its a long climb all the way to the halfway point. 

The Cinder track winds its way up




Then we get the rewards with a  long down swerving round the puddles and enjoying the jumps. 

The start of the drop to Robin Hoods Bay

The hotel at the top of the railway climb







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I don't know who had the most dangerous task, them three jumping or me laid on the track with the camera hoping they swerved in time.

Stephen's bike starts making a creaking noise, we offer to oil his bike, but Stephen thinks it may be his knees so we offer to oil them instead.

The day got warmer so we took a layer off at Robin Hoods Bay and mingled with the  tourists around the old railway station where we had some refreshments.
The car park was packed so score 1 for the lads on cycles who didn't need to find a parking space. 
The cinder track continues from the other side of the old station and Climbs towards Whitby. 
Now we hear a squeaking noise that is slowly getting louder as we climb, 
we keep listening to the bikes to try and see which one is making the noise or is it Stephens knees?

At the top of the climb we see a little pony harnessed to a small cart, where it has been and why we don't know but we have discovered the source of the squeak which becomes obvious from the carts buckled wheel as it passes.

After a few miles the route crosses the main road and carries on towards Whitby still on the old railway Cinder path. 
I must say its well signed and a great days cycling.

Soon we are on the outskirts of Whitby with a view of the Abbey and down to the river below,
 as well as crossing the route where we cycled into Whitby on the first day.

The view back across the bay  



On the bridge with the Abbey in the distance  




The Cinder track crossing our first days route


Its a long way down to the river, luckily we go straight on.



After another mile or so we leave the Cinder Track and drop down into Whitby town, down towards the Harbour, 
before we get to the very bottom, the route turns left and climbs.
Soon we are back on the cliff tops on the road towards Sandsend and the finish.

We call the girls who tell us they are at the far end of the village in a cafe, thanks girls make us cycle as far as you can. 
At least they stopped before the big climb
Quick photo stop in the car park then into the cafe for refreshments. 
Must say the cafe and the quality of the food was first class.

After our break we go to load the bikes onto the cars where a chap comes over and enquires about where to buy the racks from, 
so I give him advice on what and where to purchase as well as best way to secure rack to car and bikes to rack. 
He says he intends doing the C2C. As I have done it more than once I can give him help and advice on that as well. 

Cycling is certainly increasing in popularity, guess we are ahead of the trend, 
I hope that in someway when we chat to people and tell them about our adventures and the great fun we have 
that it encourages more cyclists to take the plunge and take a cycling holiday.


End of another epic adventure Great Fun Great Scenery, Great Company.


What Next ???????


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