SUNDAY 19th -April


7am Jane is up and goes for a run to Sutton Hoo an ancient monument. We are down for breakfast at 8:30am. All the others are already there full breakfasts all round, Colin giving Graeme his egg, which was to become a morning ritual.
9 30am ish everyone in the car park, bikes loaded .Graeme has blagged a metal coat hanger from the pub and fashioned himself a map holder for the front of the bike it worked and lasted all week .Fond farewells more
camera work and videoing and we are on route to the Humber. 


The first hill was just around the corner gets the legs and lungs going. We pick ourselves across some very pretty countryside picking up the Cycle route at a small village called Hasketon. It was beautiful rolling countryside very pretty cottages and the sun was shining.

As we rode my tyre appeared to need air we stopped at a tiny village Bredfield and met Victor Meldrews, other Brother, when we asked to use the airline at the Garage we abruptly told it was switched off. We cycled on people making their way to church it was very quiet.  Pink paint must be cheap in Suffolk as every
other house is pink, we then decide that they are probably estate houses.

11am ish Charsfield in deepest Suffolk we see a wicker bike in a school yard and take a photo  opportunity  just at the same time as the whole of the village decide to go to church which is opposite.


With the sun shining we cycle on through several pretty villages. Graeme passes comment on the size of my panniers. He says ring your bell and they will think the coalman's coming. We stop along the way for several photos, the countryside is very pretty and so quiet.

12noon FRAMLINGHAM they're open and right en route, first pub the
White Horse, miserable landlord tells us to shut the door, then pulls some crap beer. We carry on to the other end of the town find the Castle and the Castle inn. We stop again, Graeme tells Colin " we,ve got to wash the taste of that bad pint away" while Colin paces up and down.


 Framlingham was a nice place, well worth another visit. We find a garage and get my rear tyre properly inflated. We cycle on a little further and see a vineyard free wine tasting we decide to stop at the next one, surprise, the next one was shut.
Cycling again through deep rural countryside one or two slight detours due to bad signing but all very pleasant. Every cottage in Suffolk is painted pink ??

2pm ish We arrive at our second accreditation  very pretty tea rooms in the village of Peasanhall, as we walk in the Lady is just bringing two Sunday lunches, which looked very appealing, but we thought better of it and just had beans on toast, Graeme with an egg on top. Very homely tearooms, we got our stamps and then read
some local history about the local Methodist minister accused of murder of a young girl in 1903. 


We cycle on, past a jogging dolly bird through gentle rising countryside, sun shining.
4pm Halesworth and around the town a couple of times to find the route eventually back on route Beccles 8mls and we are feeling OK. Cycle past Bernard Matthews turkeys and then again through very rural countryside. .Near Ringsfield a very quiet back road in the middle of nowhere we stop for a call of nature all of a sudden  red escort with lady driver appears from nowhere, she laughs and then covers her eyes.

5pm Steady ride into Beccles and downhill, we find the digs straight away, right on route, pleasant lady lets us park the bikes in a garage and then to the rooms, very pleasant .She asks is there anything we don't like for breakfast, Graeme says only small portions. She then proceeds to tell me that Sir Robin Day had slept in my room.
7pm into Beccles for a walk around pleasant town then to the Bear and Bells pub for an excellent Bar meal and a couple of pints.

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