8 30am another good breakfast, loaded and into Boston myself and Graeme sat in the market while Colin went shopping for Karen's present. Got waylaid by a nosy parker who wanted to talk bikes finally got on our way


 approx 10am steady flat riding although it was dull and overcast cycled back into Fen country steady riding.
1 l am stopped for a tea at Langrick bridge transport cafe, a proper cafe, good cuppa. Over the bridge cycling north towards Woodhall Spa,as we left Langrick down a side road we came across a shed with a sign 
JOE MOONS tinned foods Baked beans 8p a tin, none of the tins had proper labels on ?? We then cycle along the fenland drains past some lovely country cottages all for sale, we realise why, its on the main flight path to RAF Coningsby. We cycle steadily north through quiet countryside to Chapel hill although you couldn't find the Hill, anyway its 12noon their open, 


we stop for a pint, the sun is shining, we sit outside on a picnic bench Colin on one side Graeme and myself on the other, Colin stands up the table goes up and we end up on the floor (NOT A DROP SPILLED) great hilarity and amusement to those in the pub. A couple of miles up the road we come to Tattershall bridge and the Royal Oak. Colin's going to ride past I shout left left, he says the sign goes straight on, I say the the pubs on the left. We have a couple of drinks and an excellent sandwich, very cheap, good value. We are near RAF Conongsby and when we cycle on we see the Lancaster Bomber flying, around apparently its the only one still flying and is based at Coningsby.


We cycle on to Woodhall Spa and after over 100 miles of flat land the road starts rising, it also starts raining we slowly head towards Lincoln over undulating countryside. The weather is closing in as we near Lincoln and get the first sight of the Cathedral. I also get a vibration on my wheel and we have to start taking it easy. Wet and limping we eventually find the digs it looks a bit rough outside but inside it is very nice, apart from its over an hour before we get inside, we decide to find out the fault on my bike it is a bellied tyre wall due to the weight I get ribbed about fancy city slicker tyres. We decide to go to Halfords.  While Colin strips my  bike, I ride Colin's bike into town, how he has ridden this over 250mls I never know, the pedals aren't straight. We buy a
tyre in Halfords and then cycle all the way back uphill, only to find out they've given me the wrong size. Fortunately the landlady's husband kindly runs me in to Halfords in the car. I eventually get the right size and then we can all get a shower. Into Lincoln for a meal and couple of beers I felt we were all a
bit subdued not quiet the merry banter I put it down to the last night as we had been having such a great time. We rounded the night off with a Chinese meal and back to the digs.

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