8:30AM Good breakfast everyone in good spirits, 915am we load up and cycle slowly into the town Postcards bought and written in the market place.

10:00am we start steady cycle over the river into Norfolk 


Through back lanes not very thrilling lots of agricultural
buildings and lorry firms. Slowly get back into rural country heading towards Loddon, nr Ellingham a Lady asks if we'd seen a dog funnily enough we had seen one two miles previous running opposite direction 11am ish Loddon very nice place on the broads stopped near the boats, toilet stop ,and photos very pretty place.
weather pleasant trying to be sunny. After climbing a small hill we dropped into a valley bottom and
rode through pleasant villages, although we did get a short shower.

12noon Rockland st Mary very pretty Pub next to the river stopped for a pint and sit outside in the sunshine. A lady passed the time of day with us, she said there's a hill just round the corner and its going to rain .Colin said thanks a lot, I thought there were no hills in Norfolk. After the hill we again dropped to the valley
bottom making our way down to a pretty pub by the river at Woods End. Colin was about 300yards ahead and started circling Graeme and I agreed we were getting him trained at pubs because he doesn't ride past he circles in the road waiting for us to stop. 


Pretty pub nice location, beer out the bottom of the barrel had to take it back. When we did set off a docile dog all of a sudden bursts into life and attacks Colin's bike. 2ooyds down the road Colin stops for a call of nature He just finishes when two ladies on Horse
Back appear round the bend.

1pm Cycling towards Norwich along the back way, off road section via sewerage works, when crash all going well down hill when my bike tyre dropped in a rut pulled me off, thank heavens I was wearing my
helmet it was only pride dented. Graeme didn't know whether to grab his first aid kit or his camera. my bike was ok thank goodness. Followed the river through a pleasant back lane into Norwich over a bridge it brought us into the city right past Robinson's drink factory, Coleman's, Police HQ and into the city centre
following the lanes. and out the other side Starting to rain we hit the cycle track called the Marriott's way looks good nicely tarmaced. We stop for a drink and a call of nature as we do we are passed by two yobs on bikes who look back at us, which I thought not a lot of until a short time later when under a bridge where there was a chicane gate their were five waiting, looking at us as we approached. We never said anything but Graeme had sussed it as well, as we passed thru nothing was said I just called out to Colin who was last thru asked if everything was ok and we cycled on .I thought that it was those lads lucky day. I don't think they realised what they were or may have taken on. Like Graeme said later I'd have hit them that hard they would of thought they were surrounded. I suppose one of the hazards of cycling through a big
city. We then hit the Marriott's way, the map said it was uneven, it was boggy narrow muddy after a couple of miles we binned out back on the road and just on the outskirts of Norwich we picked out a route taking us to Reepham avoiding the Marriott's way and the mud, lucky we did as the weather also deteriated and we arrived in Reepham approx 4:30pm just as it starting to rain we dived into a cafe for the slowest service in Britain after we ordered food she had to re check every order, brought tea pot and no cups, sausage roll no fork it was slow progress.

5pm rain easing, back on advised road route. 5:10pm we realise we need to be at Bintree approx 5mls away before the post office closed for our accreditation. Graeme collects our stamps and off he goes.Colin and me keep plodding, we cycle on into a village which I think is Bintree when in fact it was Foulsham, we cycle down to the post office no Graeme I start chuntering about splitting up wondering about where he can be, notice post office closed, then realise we are in the wrong village. Bintree one mile. Colin then en route requires the toilet urgently. We get to Bintree Graeme has been successful, the sun is shining and everything has worked out, Only Colin desperately needs the loo. Shall we go for a drink in the pub for a drink he says,  that's a first for Colin we didn't wish to disappoint him we get the drinks he dives for the loo.


6pm ish everyone comfortable again we cycle on to Gt Ryburgh pleasant evening steady riding into the village we are confronted by a clown in a track suit arms wide we think the road is closed, but no its the local keep fit fanatic doing his warm down exercise in such a position that everyone can see him. Cycle on through the
village looking for the accommodation its dawns on me the address is Highfield farm so obviously another hill ? you don't think about these things on booking, but at the end of 57 mls it makes a difference.We stop at the entrance to this very grand manor house yes its Highfield farm, 


we cycle down the drive met at the door by
a very welcoming lady Elizabeth, a well spoken lady, who couldn't be more helpful she showed us the garage for our bikes and the house and the rooms all for 20 a night amazing. We had the place to ourselves although Graeme told me that Colin in all these posh  surroundings started scrubbing his panniers in the bath.
Just when we thought it couldn't get any better the lady of the house informed she would drive us to the pub and better still collect us amazing service.

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