Lets hope for better weather.

Good breakfast then round to the cycle shop for a new tyre and tube which Colin repairs in the Arch way to a Solicitors.

Fitting tyre in shelter of archway

All done then up to a Charity shop, Colin wants an extra sweater - Committed to poetry.
The weather is OK we cycle to the Sea front with views over Arran we have a steady climb out of Ayr, we have a slight problem in a small housing estate but Graeme eventually gets us on the right road. We then turn left over the Carrick Hills - the first big push but the sun is shining and we are rewarded with wonderful views. As we crest the Carricks we then have a steady ride through quiet countryside very similar to the Dales to Maybole and a pint. As we come out of the pub its raining. Maybole was a nice town and friendly people, I just wish Sustrans weren't quiet as obsessed to route you round all the back streets, we should learn by now and go into the towns, we cycle to Crossbill another pleasant village then the climb starts 7 miles uphill.

We count off the mile posts towards Newton Stewart.

As I am struggling up one of the long climbs Graeme turns to me and says Is this the right time to discuss next years ride. We climb eventually to the top near Haggis Hill a wild eerie place, a: then down to North and South Balloch a remote hamlet in the Galloway Hills.

Graeme recounts the tale of how the 9th Roman legion set out from York and got lost and were never seen again in these Hills you could see why.
We had lunch there stood in mud fortunately we'd stocked up with provisions earlier in Ayr. Colin was eyeing up an old waterproof on a Muck heap.

We only lunch in the best places

We climbed again up and up eventually to the Nic O Balloch -I was shattered - Newton Stewart 16miles - downhill all the way.

Top of Nic O Balloch

We were rewarded with sun and a long ride downhill to Glen Trool Time was getting on and the stamping station was at Newton Stewart, after a discussion it was decided Graeme would go ahead and get to the stamping station before 5pm it was 345pm then and 16 miles. He arrived at 4 40pm and it wasn't flat all the way.
Colin and I followed on we got lost and came down the main road. We thought we'd sneak in but Graeme was on the corner looking down the right road when we rolled in on the other road behind him. Graeme said he'd had the usual confusion over the Stamping station the first visitors of the summer and as usual the stamp machine was all to pot.
The Cafe in Newton Stewart Tea and sandwiches wonderful, and the sun was shining. We had a marvellous flat ride in the sunshine along the estuary to Creetown.A nice little town and good digs. A good night in Creetown Bar meals x3 two courses 13 95 Station Hotel. Then to the other pub in village finished the night on Galloway Ale. On arrival at Creetown I discovered I had carried a Nam bread all the way from Ayr and forgotten to eat it.

A good night in a small town.

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