A charity shop jumper will never let you down
You can pick up one for a fiver in any major town
you don't need fancy gear when you go and cycle round
just a charity shop jumper that will never let you down


Or in the style of Rabbie Burns ( read with a Scottish accent)

O yon bonny jumper in an Ayr charity shop

Your designer label and fleecy look makes me want tae stop,
your emerald green appearance with Giorgio logo chest
your sure ta be the -wan, that keeps me warm the best

for only three pounds fifty, complete with bag and receipt
a nice tight fitting feel, that's snug, but disna nip

your just what I need, a trophy and a lucky charm
you'll keep me warm for all this week and keep me safe frae harm
I 'II carry you through Scotland and on into another land
you'll be the flag, the ensign, the protector, for oor intrepid band.

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