Wednesday 10th May Helperby to Howden..

Another day dawns and its overcast but warm. No rain No Wind I was feeling a little hung over but the thought of getting some fresh air in my sails I knew id be ok.
Down for breakfast and I didn't have any appetite. I also didn't get a lot of
sympathy from Anyone? Colin announced he had been dreaming of Hills all day. I told him it was the flattest part of the ride? Any way after a bit of juice and some breakfast I was starting to feel a little better, as we cycled out of Helperby. We had a small detour down the road towards Alne cross roads where we plugged back into the White Rose after day 3 you get into a wonderful routine of you and the bike. Its a great feeling saddling up on a morning and slipping quietly out of a town or village. Getting the legs pumping. We cycled through the flat farm land of the vale of York. To Doulton and then down the side road towards Linton locks. A ride Graeme and I had done the year before. Down The fork in the road which was still badly signed. We looked at various ways of improving it.

 Colin even uprooting a No through Road sign and considering moving it.  

I'm glad no one was around. They'd think he was a scrappy from Bishop?
And down to Linton Locks.
I was feeling ok by now and could have murdered another breakfast unfortunately the cafe and pub at Linton were closed. But we did have some amusement with the old couple who announced to the lockkeeper who was busy painting that they*d managed to fill the Lock but had forgot top put the boat in.
The Chap in the Barge coming down stream was very grateful when he
sailed straight into the lock.  


We cycled down through Beningborough and Overton, quiet flat country
lanes. Just after Overton we turned right onto the Cycleway.

The cycle way to York

 And over the
ings into York. Graeme was getting quiet excited about his visit to the famous city. We followed the route right along the river bank. At one gate as we discussing Route 65 a Chinaman on a bike passed us. An Omen when we have a Chinese Colin had too order Number 65 on the menu. All will be revealed later. We followed the river and then left into The City Exhibition Square and the tourist information shop for badges for the bikes. We bought some Yorkshire White Roses. The girl in the Tourist information thought it was good Graeme was buying the badges till I announced he owed me 30 POUNDS. We did the tourist bit and walked around the via the Minster and down to Kings square where we sat and had lunch.  

York Minster

Watching the colourful world go by. Even a Guy playing an Upright piano.
After Lunch we picked our way out of the city over onto the other side of the river and out towards Bishop Thorpe where picked up the York - Selby cycle way. Also the Solar system cycle way which was interesting seeing the scale models designed along the route towards Riccall with the final planet at Riccall. with a signpost pointing to the next solar system over 7000 km away. Graeme told him if he kept on cycling maybe around the Greek islands..

The Solar System cycle way
 Colin is lost and confused as usual.

The cycle way was flat and continued flat into Selby and mid afternoon our
first pint in some grotty pub. Shocking. We then followed the River along private farm roads towards Howden. Came out in Cliffe for our next stamping station and then into Hemingbrough. Up until now the signing had been very good and we relied on it wrong it dropped us and we cycled out on farm lanes hitting a river bank. Which turned out to be the River Derwent it took us towards Howden but we had a bumpy half hour on a river bank footpath. Before hitting the main road and into Howden. With me picking up a front wheel puncture. We also had to  climb with bikes and gear over two fences stung by nettles, and Stampeded a herd of young bullocks.
Anyway it was damage limitation and we cycled down the main road into
Howden. A nice town and the Hotel the Wellington was a pleasant Hotel.
We booked in and Colin supervised by the chef repaired my
bike. Playing hell because of all the green gunge in my tube, he said it had the texture of snot. We had a Good meal in the Hotel and then Graeme and me had a mooch around the town and a couple of pints. Apart from the Board inn which was erm different.

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