Thursday 11th May Howden to Beverley

Quiet a laugh the following morning the breakfast was served in the next Hotel restaurant. We wondered if we would be drummed out but no we were served with an excellent breakfast from a girl who was good fun and was going straight from there to work on Mobile Cafe. We saddled up and had a walk around Howden a nice town. A man who was doing a spot of weeding in the town garden told us the History of Howden about Barnes Wallis etc, he said he had done most of the signing for the rout we had cycled the day before. Colin told him was not impressed with the signs that dropped us onto a river bank. We then had a walk around the Minister and ended up being invited by some elderly ladies for a free cup of tea in the Hall.

The ruined Minster

 We wondered was there a catch did we have to move some tables first. Any way we declined and pecked our way out of the town being pointed in the right direction by the Council worker who was outside the hall chatting no doubt en route for his free cuppa.
We cycled down towards the Humber estuary through quiet villages and
pleasant countryside. Market Weighton canal flowing into the Humber was a lovely backwater. No Road to it. I didn't even realise there was a canal to Market Weighton. It was interesting skirting the banks of the Humber it was very quiet. As the morning wore on the wind got heavier and although it was sunny it was slow going cycling into a stiff breeze. In fact between Broom fleet and Ellerton it was Gale Force.
We made it to the Triton Inn and while Graeme and I enjoyed a pint Colin
repaired my gears and invented a modifacation with a stick to support my front bag. We left the pub. and cycled through | Melton and up Melton hill I thought it was flat on the Humber. Our first hill for days. We then followed the road through the outskirts of Hull and to the Humber bridge.

We decide on all individual photos at this landmark

  A Landmark we had now cycled from Glasgow to Felixstow. We commemorated the moment with Individual photos and then bought souvenir of our second trip to the Humber bridge on bike. It was very windy so any thought of ride across was dismissed. We had a cuppa in the cafe and then headed back north. This was for me the low point of the ride we had to cycle through the outskirts of Hull No signs and eventually had to ask directions to get on the right road. I noted we were all quiet well apart from Colin who had an altercation with a car at a roundabout. We never saw it but we heard the horn blast.  The road we wanted was Park lane which turned out to be the only sign which was blanked out. Anyway we eventually made it out and headed over country lanes towards Beverley. Somewhere en route on this stage I lost my York City baseball cap.. We slowly cycled into Beverley a pleasant town. .We found the Hotel the Tudor Rose OK and booked in. It was only OK although it was a nice evening meal. Colin had a walk round the town while Graeme and myself enjoyed one or two Hostelries. A Funny day. From Hull to Beverley not pleasant and the wind in our faces all day.

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