Monday 21st May Redruth to Padstow 
53 miles

Breakfast following morning was fun too, the food was ok apart from another guy appeared who wouldn't stop talking, worrying so much about what we were up to he forgot to serve another guest with his drink!
Then when I saw who had cooked my breakfast, the guy who we had met the night before, I was ready to throw up it had tasted alright until then.
Time to leave and we saddled up and we were on the road shortly after 9am.....

He escorted us down to the Garage and for one second I thought "oh no he's going to come with us", but fortunately he didn't. Anyway loaded up we cycled up and out of Redruth up and up, it certainly gets the legs and lungs going.

We were going well over the tops, when the route dumped us in quarry, no signs just burnt out cars. 

Off road in the quarry

So we detoured down the road to Bissoe the first stamping spot. 

Scenic stop
Disused Cornish Tin Mine

The guy had a nice little cycle business at the end of some cycle trails, we stamped and bought a new tube. Chatted to him and he stated he was ex navy who had started this business, Graeme quipped as we left what does a WAFFOON no about mending Bikes.

Climbing   and climbing yet again

We were on our way to Truro which I thought was on a river bank, hell it was uphill all the way .We eventually got to Truro and had a nice cycle into the City centre, bought some Kernow Flags, toilet stop and a gentle mooch around, it was hot and sunny and Truro was a pleasant small city.

After an hour we picked up cycle route 32 and headed towards Newquay. We cycled up a quiet pleasant valley eventually coming to a village called Zelah and of course The Hawkins Arms. Boy was I pleased to see that pub it was hot we were hungry and it was Real Ale..

We stopped and ordered some Black prince beer local from Lostweithal ( OK) helped down with toasted sandwiches and a basket of chips . when they arrived. Plus a half of Zeiahs own beer which was pretty good. WE sat in the beer garden enjoying the break.

A good stop and pleasant apart from the Dog peeing on my new bike , and we'd been feeding it chips too.

After the pub we saddled up to wards Newquay, round the comer and guess what yes Uphill, and undulating to Newlyn East our next stamping stop , plus refuelled with liquid boy it was hot. In that village some guy in a 4x4 asked directions to the A38?

Then as we dropped in to the narrow lanes leading to Newquay another guy in a Volvo estate asked directions to Newquay. We had seen him twice so he obviously was going round in circles.

We cycled into Newquay and down to the sea front, it was quiet but impressive overlooking the beaches, and red hot!! I We took some photographs and enjoyed the view, before heading steadily out towards Padstow via St Columb major , the toughest 16 miles I think you could encounter, it was up hill and then up hill, we got to the Stamping station in St Columb major which was the Co-op store who denied they were a stamping station until I pointed it out the sign on the window? The lady was apologetic and called the Manager, another International incident just because we asked for a stamp.
Then yes you guessed it was uphill out of St Columb major as we were climbing and I was working hard at getting up, a guy in a car stopped dead and shouted is the way to Newquay. There I was out of breath and he was asking me!! Yes I said straight on.

We eventually hit the break in the route Padstow 4 miles straight on Padstow 7 miles the scenic route. I was shamed into the scenic route because the gauntlet was down that if I didn't go that way , they would still beat me to the town, I offered to go the shorter way and have drinks ready for them No we went the scenic hilly coastal route albeit it was pretty. Colin chasing kids uphill as they overtook us .

We eventually hit the top of the town and had a gentle run downhill right past the Digs.

Good digs nice room, we showered changed and walked into the town it was literally a minute to the harbour side and it was a beautiful warm still evening. We ended up in the Shipwrights Arms overlooking the Harbour had a few pints of Cornish Tinners (Best pint of the ride) plus Cornish Pasty which was excellent, when Graeme's eventually arrived, I had forgoten to order it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway it was worth waiting for.

We sat outside enjoying the beer Graeme recounting tales of his adventures on Bodmin Moor which we were to cycle over the following day. Then just a gentle walk back to the digs. Padstow is a pretty place well worth another visit.

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