Friday Tiverton to Street 
( 58 miles)


It was to be a flat day today . We arose and down for a decent breakfast, these digs were functional, but OK.

We saddled up and walked round to the Tourist Information Office checked if the canal towpaths were open and also bought some badges. Then it was gentle ride out of Tiverton hitting the canal and along the towpath, very pretty, flat and gentle riding after yesterday. We cycled a couple of miles on towpaths then off along quiet roads with gentle climbs then back on the towpath. Gentle riding through to Somerset and towards Taunton.

The flat shaded canal path
heaven after the hills of the previous days

We hit a nice pleasant village called Langford Peverell stopped at the Martlett Arms for an hour excellent beer Tawny biter plus a pint of Jennings and a ploughman's lunch without lettuce , landlord apologised profusely no lettuce, Graeme said put something extra on then? We followed the quiet lanes into Taunton, Taunton is a nice city and we had a mooch about, Tourist Information centre and a walk around meandering down to the Cycle Shop for a stamp. The Cycle shop owner was ok and told
me he was geared up for the Sustrans route, he had a millennium post outside his shop plus toilets and showers plus secure parking. He needs as much publicity as possible.

Down to the canal and past Taunton Cricket ground we cycled along the Bridgwater canal. Very pretty countryside so quiet. We passed the Somerset solar system a walk showing the different models.

We came of the canal side at High Newton and Graeme got a puncture, while Colin fixed it I found it so warm and still on the grass bank I literally dozed off.

It was around 5pm now and we had messed around really and were now entering the outskirts of Bridgewater, which is a bit of a dump, as we neared the town the canal got very urban and run down, we hit a bridge and our way was barred because some people were trying to unlock the mechanism and gearing to open the swing bridge to allow a boat threw it was obvious they hadn't a clue what they were doing. She kept screaming at people to stay off the bridge. Colin was watching with interest and had quickly worked out what was wrong, however her attitude and the fact we needed to push on meant we crossed the bridge and left her and her party to work it out.

We picked our way out of Bridgewater and due to the distances involved went slightly off route to Street which proved to be a pleasant cycle through parts of Somerset tucked away at the edge of Sedge moor. We eventually hit the main road and into Street it was nearing 7:30pm and guess what the digs were on the other end of the Town.

Its nice to see animals grazing in the fields again

We found them and although she cocked up the booking and booked another family in it was a good stop and proved to be the best breakfast of the ride, and I mean best by a long way, both in variety and potions. She was a god old stick and saved flags so I ended up giving her my Kemow (Cornish Flag).
As it was late it was a walk into Street and Fish and Chips which were delicious, then a couple of pints. We were all tired and after a couple of pints we all returned to the digs to crash out. Last day tomorrow boys.


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