Thursday Bamstaple to Tiverton 
(53 miles again 45 uphill)

We knew this was to be a hard ride up onto Exmoor and that the first 20 miles would be uphill, the one morning you want a good breakfast we didn't get one although the rooms and digs were good the breakfast was disappointing. However we left across the road for drinks provisions and thank god they served petroleum jelly for my sore bits.
As we started to climb out of Bamstaple the hills came at us and it was as Graeme described to his mate who called him ****PAIN ****

We left Bamstaple via the leisure centre the doors being that wide you could
of cycled straight in for the stamp. It was up up up hill.

At Branton Fleming we stopped for a lunch break I didn't realise the cold potatoes we'd smuggled out of the North country inn, and two day old sausage rolls could taste so good.

We climbed up and out onto the moor there was ride and then push it was hard , we eventually made it to Molehouse Chamber and from uphill it became undulating uphill.

Dont worry lads I know where we can find a pub!

We keep our spirits up because Graeme knew a pub on the moor tops from his Marine training days so we cycled towards it, we were high and the views were breathtaking.
We cycled to the Sportsman's Inn full of Optimism to find it neglected and closed. Seems like it was not profitable after Graeme moved away!
Crestfallen we cycled on passing some of the seats sustrans had built for you to rest.

It was then downhill dropping steadily off the Moor, but we still seemed to by cycling up hill, as we did so 3 Stag deer ran alongside in the fields gracefully bounding over hedges, an amazing sight. Colin of course had to try and keep pace with them.

We eventually dropped down into the town of Dulverton on the Somerset\Devon border and we treat ourselves to an amazing Exmoor cream tea lots of Jam, scones, tea and clotted cream . Fabulous and we ate like kings.

After Dulverton we cycled through some fantastic affluent countryside, with expensive looking properties tucked quietly away. We still couldn't avoid the hills. as we cycled around these undulating hills I didn't feel to bad when we saw a Girl on a motor scoter had the same problem as me , and had to get off and push her scooter up the hill and to the junction. So if she has problems what chance leg power.

We cycled into Bampton and then turned and hit Bampton hill which went on for ever. But we knew after that it was downhill to Tiverton and after a long hard day in the saddle we hit the town.

View from the hotel window.
A pub just the other side of the bridge
and it still was not worth the walk

Found the digs and I had a great bath, into the town for a beer, which was disappointing a town like Tiverton we couldn't find a decent pint so we
settled for a Chinese meal which was very good.

Colin went for an early night and Graeme and I tried to get a decent pint
in fact it was so bad we left half of it!

So much for Isle of Wight real ale and JD Wetherspoons. So After a long day it was off to bed.

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