Thursday 9th May North Muskham to Rawcliffe, Goole

60 miles


After the long day yesterday we had a leisurely breakfast and eventually got on our way around 10:15am.

We slipped out of North Muskham in overcast skies and into the green country Nottingham lanes. I have driven the A1 many times through that area but was surprisingly impressed how the countryside was so quiet and pretty.

Only problem the wind was relentless in our faces all day and a stiff Northerly breeze. We cycled alongside the River Trent following the power stations, through Rampton Village near Rampton hospital? The village was very pretty and had unusual individual road signs and sign posts.

As we cycled North, Graeme was keen to follow the River Trent so we detoured after climbing Gringley on the Hill which was a helluva climb.

We continued north and at around 1pm we stopped for a Pint at a Pub called the Railway Tavern North Leverton. An interesting Pub, A hand written sign above the Bar read (ALL DRINKS MUST BE PAID FOR). The beer was good Stones Creamflow even if the pub was a little spit and sawdust, as we left and the we realised why the sign, next to the pub was streets of houses all rough and boarded up.? But the beer was good.

We cycled on stopping at Manor stores in the next village an Oasis among the thorns; we enjoyed some sandwiches and restocked on drinks.

We detoured shortly after this down towards the Trent so Graeme could enjoy the picture box villages nestling alongside the River Trent. Misteton with its closed down steel works and West and East Stockwith with their Potato stores and the Flood Barriers and the wind right in our faces by the time we reached Owston Ferry we realised that this detour was not a great Idea, we checked the map and cycled towards Epworth famous for being the John Wesley village. Its was a steady climb up to Epworth into the wind and it was a large place with straggly streets which seemed to go on for ever as we cycled downhill onto the Humber plain at Sandtoft it was getting cold and miserable and around 5pm it was getting busy with commuter traffic, we picked our way north over flatlands eventually circumnavigating Thorne and through the pretty South Yorkshire village of Moorends I d warned Graeme what it was like and when the cycle route stopped short of Moorends and we cycled though the Gypsy vans Motor cyclists without crash helmets the Dog Star Hotel and several Fish and Chip shops ..Its was head down and keep going. I d worked round there 20 plus years earlier and knew what to expect?

On through Moorends bandit country. Graeme couldnt get over it and north into the wind across the flatlands, we eventually crossed the county border into Humberside, cycled through Rawcliffe Bridge and eventually to Rawcliffe village my heart sank as we approached the village green. It was full of caravans but no it was not Gypsies, The Fair was in the village.

We found the digs right on the green the old Lad Mr Usher was waiting for us. Is this the Round Britain cycle ride he shouts and then helped us with our gear and bikes?

The rooms were very good and welcome. We showered changed and walked across the Village green to The Neptune. Recommended by Mr Usher and good it was friendly Brains Bitter at a 1 a pint and it was the best pint wed had. The food was plain, plentiful and tasted great in the Neptune bar, restaurant and grill open until 12 midnight. It was a very good spot and very reasonable.

We Wandered back across the green and crashed out, a long ride, good food warm room and Good beer a really good combination for a sound sleep.

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