Friday 10th May Rawcliffe to Marton le Moor
 52 miles


Our last day Good breakfast then loaded up and paid up, good digs excellent digs for £15 Mrs Usher was going to the hairdressers so we left Mr sitting with the paper and the Dog.

We filled up with drinks and pecked our way out of the village towards Drax, I was to lead because I was the Local? but its 20 years ago since I was down there and they had put a new road in for the Power Station, oh well some mild embarrassment as we picked our way to Drax over the North Yorkshire Border this was definitely the last stretch now. It was cool and overcast.  The wind  had swung round from the north to be blowing from the west. So we cycled  west into a head wind. Seeme sto be the norm on this holiday, It was flat riding though, through Camblesforth, and into Barlow where the Jehovah's had landed as we cycled through a lady was cutting her hedges she warned us of thorns Graeme warned her of Jehovah Witnesses.

We cycled up through the lanes towards Selby coming to the banks of the Ouse we stopped and looked across, a milestone we had now cycled from Glasgow to Lands End. A couple of miles along the track we cycled into Selby and down to the Swing Bridge, crossing the Bridge we were now on previously cycled routes...we had done it acheived our goal.Only Glasgow to John O Groats two years time??

We cycled up through. Barlby, Riccall and onto the cycle way the old Selby - York railway, we were in good spirits and making great time.

On up towards York and as we cycled along the sun came out. We cycling over old ground and comparing our last rides. We crossed the River Ouse and stopped to admire the new Fisherman sculpture over the Bridge and with Cyclist theme.

On into York across the racecourse and down to the Millennium Bridge. I had heard so much and read so much about it yet it was my first time riding over it. We stopped for the photo and then cycled into York.

It was a fine day and we spent a couple of hours enjoying the sites of the city. We enjoyed lunch in St Samson’s square and a beer before we started to peck our way back North to Marton le Moor . All was well until Graeme tried to climb on his bike outside the Minster and his back went. He was in pain, how much pain he never let on until after the ride. We left York along familiar cycle ways along the River and out towards Linton, Aldwark bridge, Ouseburn we were cycling at 10 miles an hour, the sun was shining the wind had eased. We stopped just after 6pm at The Angler Pub for a final beer and to let everyone arrive at Marton le Moor ready for the cyclists arrival. Then it was Boroughbridge along the Skelton road and up the side lanes along Anthony lane. Apart from nearly colliding with our neighbours as we rode into the village, it had been an incident free ride, We all commented at the same time not one breakdown not even a puncture. We had all been thinking it all day but had refrained from saying it not wanting to temot fate. It meant Colin had got off scot free this holiday with now breakdowns to fix. We all agreed we did not mind one bit. Around 6 40 pm we all rode into Marton le Moor, due to Vehicles etc we couldn’t do our customary arrival three abreast. I was exhausted, I found out later Graeme was in horrendous pain with his back.

Another great Ride, Scotland next year I ‘ve finished this episode so I can start planning it. Although there is a ride in France in August plus my Route 66 to complete.

A fabulous ride which I can now sit down and read…







Best Digs --- Well The Locks at Bradford On Avon for location plus the Portwell House Hotel.

Best breakfast –Spicy Pete’s easily.

Best Meal – Well Elmsthorpe was good but the The Neptune Bar and Grill Rawcliffe tips the scale.

Best Pint – Brains £1 a pint at The Neptune .



Best Laugh – Many Many But Spicy Pete with a Chapter to himself??

Riding Awards

Mr Navigator – Graeme we’ll forgive him his 20 mile detours.

Mr Mechanic – Colin who was redundant but he did find the squeak on my bike. I can’t help being a fat lad. How did I know the seat was loose?

Mr Planner - I got it right on times and distance. It was only detours that caused the pain.


All in all we cycled from Bath to North Yorkshire through some of the most populated parts of Britain on quiet country lanes... Graeme should be commended.

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