Best Digs ----Abbott lodge Hotel Callander excellent value for money.

Best breakfast – Well Colin will say his pineapple toast at Abbots lodge
But the best was Ravens Craig Aviemore. A lot of food well presented.

Best Pint – Was there one? Well the Beer in the Falls of Dochart was not a bad pint and the 
Glen Hotel Newton more. 
Best Laugh – As usual many many many, Colin’s Leap? Me locked out the toilet, the lady and the seaweed in Callander. Colin’s Combat repellent it works??? 

Worst Dinner – The Capercaille restaurant Killin run by East end wide boys £10 for sausage 
And mash 

Worst Pint - Pitlochry and it cost £2 70 p for the privilege


We are becoming professional these days so they are not as easy to pick out...

The Bishop Bullet ------ Sunday Morning pacing that racing cyclist uphill just out of Balloch 
And scaring the life out of him.

Wallwalker ------ The only break down another puncture, keeps Colin happy moaning 
About my bike.

Mr Map ---------- Graeme reads the map spot on every time well apart from the Drumochter Summit? And he sees a positive in everything even in the torrential rain climbing out over the Highland fault.

Another Brilliant ride and last leg next year!!!!
We may need a tent!!!!!!!!!!!

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