Blandford Forum to Bournemouth

SATURDAY 11th July

Charlton Marshall to Bournemouth

20 miles.

The last push we were up early nice early breakfast and despite the drizzle we were in good spirits and just after 9 we were saddled up and ready to go with the words of the landlord ringing in our ears that it was flat to Bournemouth. Followed the main road a couple of miles then swung off down the quiet roads to Wimbourne Minster. Wet but flat. Graeme needed all his navigation skills to get us through Wimbourne as usual cycle route signs drop you in towns we eventually hit the Pool town sign, we were nearly on the south coast! 

Graeme back in Poole

(He was stationed here in the his Marine Days)

We picked the cycle route up once more, an old railway track down to the sea front. Well nearly, we had several miles of downhill, only trouble it was through the trees so we not only got the rain we got the drips too. Plus as it was a sand based track it was like cycling through treacle.

We came out right on the side of  Poole harbour and just a bit of traffic to negotiate then Old Poole town centre and there we were the Multidaymen arrive on the South coast.

Sustrans marker Post South Coast Poole


Note Brownsea Island (Baden Powell Fame) behind us in the distance 

(Little did we know there was a sting in the Tale)

We cycled along the front in the pouring rain "just along the front boys the cycle route goes right along the promenade to Bournemouth pier"!

Yes it does but only in the months that aren’t July and August.

Yes we arrived at Bournemouth promenade. Pouring rain no one around apart from the lifeguards and Council staff, who were bored.

I repeat no one was on the promenade but cycling was still banned. The council staff especially a certain lady were dead set on stopping us. We were chaperoned, then threatened with the police. So we had to Push the last 3 miles along an empty Promenade.

The Sign Says it all

(Look at the crowds on the promenade)


Wouldn’t it be better Bournemouth council if you had a rolling programme instead of a blanket ban.

I thought we were promoting sustainable transport. On days where the prom is crowded put signs up then that say no cycling today!

That leads me onto Bournemouth says NO!!!

As we walked the 3 miles it was evident that all the rules and signs along the promenade said NO!!

Dogs, drinking, Skateboards etc etc the list was endless.

In fact it became a source of amusement every time we spotted the next NO!! sign. You are supposed to come to Bournemouth to enjoy yourself.


So on a wet Saturday afternoon, we walked up too Bournemouth Pier to meet the girls. This must be the most undistinguished Multidaymen arrival. Think back to the great finishes Humber bridge, York minster, John of Groats. Then Limping in to Poor miserable Bournemouth.

Every Picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ah well it was great to finish as it was wet and miserable. We walked with the girls back to the hotel.

One amusing interlude, as we approached the pier we could see no sign of the 3 girls, it wasn’t till I rang Jill we discovered they were on the North side of the pier looking North we were approaching from the South!

We got there in the end.

The hotel was a welcome sight and after unloading and a nice warm shower there was even time for a Saturday afternoon stroll around Bournemouth.

Followed by a wonderful evening in a seaview restaurant, great food and good company a perfect End to another great ride and week.

Even though Graeme fluffed his lines when he was called on to give a Public rendition of his Mouth Organ prowess.




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