Best B & B Only booked digs Monk bar Hotel – very comfortable and central. 

Best pint – We didn’t drink a lot Theakstons Ripon for me.. or the Auckland Glory?

Funniest Moment – Again many... Roman helmet, Colin being attacked by an Alsatian, the Blaydon Banana, the mysterie of the lost gloves?
Homer Simpson moment -  Mals mileages
We think they are converted on the Bungious scale that is
Fist two days add 20% to daily imperial mileage, Third day deduct 20% from Imperial mileage.
If that's confusing try peddling it

Mileage - 145 miles and no punctures. (A record)
Only twice in Ten years have had an unbroken incident free ride.

TOTAL MILEAGE in TEN YEARS – 2399 plus 145 = 2544

That’s is further than cycling USA Rout 66
(bet we get more kicks)


Day one

Day two

Day three

Rest day


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