Colin and Karen continue touring Britain by bike and Motorhome

Day 5 

We decided to have a trip to the coast, Weston Super Mare is only 13 miles even with a slight detour through the gorge.
so we decide to drive to the coast via the gorge.

We get an early start and the sun is just hitting the tops of the gorge and the road is quiet so lots of opportunities for photographs.

The sun catching the tops of the gorge

The road is quiet nice for photographs

The sun continues to rise and spill off the tops into the gorge

As the light fills the gorge, We are pleased with our early start decision

The light reaches the bottom of the gorge

Lovely quiet road before the rush hour starts

Still quiet enough for the wild goats to wander undisturbed


We drive into Weston Super Mare and follow the sat nav to the car park listed as having spaces for motorhomes.
We are in luck, its just on the outskirts of the town centre and the motorhome spaces are vacant.
We quickly park and have a walk along the seafront.

Nice clean and  flat sea front

Thomas the Tank Engine donkey rides are novel


Nice beach and promenade

Getting into the selfies

Its a very nice seafront, however the main street of shop's is a little tired, 
Not much in the way of inviting restaurants or  cafes, we do find a nice one on the sea front and have a nice snack.
Then an ice cream before back to the site for a relaxing evening.


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