Colin and Karen continue touring Britain by bike and Motorhome

Day 7 

The Journey home

We had been going to share the driving and with stops and spend the day driving home, 
However there was a nice site just off the M6  near Jodrell Bank and  Northwich and when we called there was availability.
We decided  break the journey as it was about the halfway point.
As we were nearing the site fuel was getting down so we checked internet  
and found there was a fuel station just off the motorway, no need to pay motorway prices.
We pulled off  and at the top of the slip road there was the garage. 
Closed for refurbishment, no problem carry on into Middlewich, Found the only fuel station had prices same as motorway.
I hate greedy profiteering businesses, luckily we were only low on fuel not desperate so carry on to the site.

Quickly sited and we decide to have a cycle round the site, Its very nice and very large, 
a check on the internet showed a fishing lake and bridle paths from the site.
Just at that the couple pitched next door strike up a conversation, they are regular visitors to the site and tell us where the gate is for access to the bridle path.
Unfortunately the husband is a good talker and delays us for over 20 minuets 

We set off find the gate and drop onto the bridle path beside the fishing lake.

We find the track out the back of the site

The way ahead looks interesting and great fun

The fishing lake is large lovely and busy

The fishing platforms

There are lots of fishermen so we cycle quietly, along its very scenic.
At the end of the path is a gate  through the gate and we are beside a farm that has apple and pear trees and a few hens.
Karen has to stop and admire some of the variety of hens.

The farm is adjacent to a minor road, we decide to explore it a short way.
It goes up a short rise over the Motorway which is still busy and has roadworks.
We admire the nice properties then cross back over the Motorway.
When we come to the lake there is a path that goes right leading to the opposite side of the lake, 
we decide to take a circular route round the lake, 
the path goes very close to the Motorway and is just inside a fence to separate it from the road.
 Feels a bit scary with wagons thundering past so close but soon the path moves further away 
and we lose the sound behind some trees.
As we come around the bottom of the lake we are beside a market garden the field and crops are absolutely showpiece.

Showpiece of a market garden 

We stop to admire the crops then cycle on as we circle the lake there is a Heron fishing.
Karen stops for a photo, but it is a bit far away, while she positions herself I cycle up the lake,
This makes the Heron take flight so Karen can try and take an action picture, its hard with just a smartphone.


The best fisherman on the lake

Heron takes flight

Skimming the water

Gains height and angles away from us

We follow the track back to the adjacent village then onto the site.
Only 3 miles but a really nice ride.


Back to the site

The next morning we are up and decide as we have plenty of time we will drop the waste water and have a leisurely pack up.

Unfortunately the old couple from the adjacent pitch decide to stand for a chat.
He is 85 and was a train driver on both steam and diesel engines.
Because we show an interest he stands and talks for over an hour.
Telling his life storey and reminiscing about his work as a train driver.

Eventually he wanders off to his wife after she had been calling him for 30 minuets.
 We do the quickest pack up ever I unplug the electric fold up the steadies and put the bikes in,
Meanwhile Karen puts the interior items away and secures the cupboards.
We jump in and set off.
Call at Northwich for fuel, it looks a nice town so make a mental note to visit this site again and see Northwich and Joderall Bank.
A nice easy uneventful drive home to finish a great holiday


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